Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

A small kitchen can present many challenges when it comes to storage but don’t let that discourage you. We have compiled a few tips to assist you in making the most of your small kitchen.


Maximize your Vertical Space

Small kitchen with high ceilings? PERFECT! Don’t cut yourself short by selecting shorter cabinets. Take advantage of the height and choose 42″ high uppers rather than 36″ high upper cabinets. You can create even more storage by stacking another smaller cabinet on top of the uppers if your ceiling height allows.


Create Storage within Storage

There is no shortage of organizational tools available that will help you maximize your cabinet space. There are dividers that help keep your trays and lids in place, as well as shelves that can be placed inside your cabinets that allow you to take full advantage of your cabinet space. Consider upgrading your kitchen to include roll-out trays in some of your cabinets. At least two shelves can fit in a lower cabinet, which would help with cookware. Before starting your new kitchen or kitchen remodel, take into account all the organizational options available and include them in your design. Taking this step will ensure your small kitchen makes up on efficiency what it lacks in space.


Keep it Clutter Free

Taking the minimalistic approach in a small kitchen is key. Counter space is at a premium so you want to avoid keeping too many unnecessary items on your counters, that would otherwise make it difficult to prepare and cook food. It also makes the space much smaller when the counter is full of knick-knacks, stacks of mail, and other items that could be placed somewhere else.