How To Clean

NOTE:  Please do not use household cleaning agents of any kind on granite.

NOTE:  Please do not use any abrasive materials of any kind to clean granite.

On a daily basis, use a mild dish soap on a non-abrasive sponge along with warm water (saturate sponge).  Lather the granite with the soapy warm water.  This should loosen any stuck-on foods/beverages from the granite.  With a cloth, wipe down the granite, rinsing several times, to remove all soap from the granite.  After soap is removed from the granite, take a dry cloth and buff the granite in a circular motion rotating the towel until all moisture is gone.

On a bi-weekly/monthly basis, you may use a granite stone cleaner and polisher after the granite has been cleaned as directed above.  This may be done as often as you feel it is necessary.  This is not necessary to do on a daily basis.  GranCreations offers a stone cleaner and polisher in stock.

On a bi-annual/annual basis, clean the granite as directed on a daily basis, above.  Be sure to clear off all items on the granite surfaces to be cleaned.  You may want to use gloves and a mask for the next step.  Apply a generous amount of Acetone on a cotton pad and apply to granite in a circular motion until all of the granite surface is covered, checking and changing the pad as often as needed.  The Acetone should dry quickly, however, the odor may linger.

On an annual basis, it is recommended to reapply a stone sealant after the granite has been cleaned as directed on a daily basis, above, and with Acetone, as directed above.  GranCreations offers this service for their valued customers.  Inquire within for service details and fee.